Salteks serves the filter field with a wide variety of nonwoven products with needlepunching, thermal and chemical bonding from 100 g/m² to 2000 g/m² by wieded many synthetic fibers such as polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, viscose, basophil, microfiber.

Our products involve many functional features that are given below;

  • Innocuous for people and environment (Oeko-Teks 100 Class I),
  • Water and oil repellent,
  • Does not form bacteria, mold and fungus,
  • Reinforced with scrim,
  • Low shrinkage, resistant to high temperature,
  • Flame barrier, flame retardant(DIN 53438-F1) ,
  • Suitable for pleating,
  • Resistant to high airflow,
  • High dust holding capacity,
  • Long lasting,
  • According to EN 779:2002 standard, it is suitable for G2, G3, G4 ve F1 classification.

Our non-woven fabric products that are obtained by needlepunching, thermal and chemical bonding methods provided with many features by various finishing are used for many applications such as air, liquid and hot gas filtration, etc.

  • Heating, ventilation and cooling units,
  • Compressor stations,
  • Electrical switchboards,
  • Industrial production areas (spray paint, gas turbines),
  • Applications in homes and buildings (vacuum cleaner bags, air conditioner etc),
  • Automotive filters,
  • Industrial filtration systems (cement,metal industry),
  • Industrial liquid filtration units as filter press, disc filter and filter bag.